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Do you think you may have a problem with alcohol?- click on this link to take a short survey:


How to find substance abuse help in Texas


The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration


Do you want to quit using tobacco?


Find an addiction support group

Start Your Recovery: Relatable, Reliable Information


Applying for Medicaid Benefits:
How to apply


HIV/STD Fact Sheet and Testing Education Referral Information:

Fact sheet

Opioid Help:


Alcohol Rehab Guide:

Addiction Treatment Division:

Helping vulnerable individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol locate proper treatment options.

Addiction Group: Preventing Relapse


Addiction Rehabs in Texas

Fort Worth Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HIV/AIDS Hotlines:

English: 800-342-AIDS

Spanish: 800-344-7432

Hearing Impaired: 800-243-7889

Texas HIV/STD Info Line: 800-299-AIDS

CDC NTNL STD Hotline: 800-227-8922 or 800-342-2437

Texas Legislature website:

(For access to Texas Health and Safety Codes)

DSHS HIV Programs

866-378-8440, x5866 or 512-206-5866

Training for HIV, Hepatitis and TB (Texas HIV Connection)


Education about TB (TX DSHS)


DSHS TB website:

ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)


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