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Engaging for Change Community Coalition

STAR Council facilitates a Community Coalition Partnership (CCP) in Erath and Johnson Counties focusing on improving environmental factors and promoting healthy lifestyles and success. The Engaging for Change Community Coalition (EC3) is striving to make our community a safer place to live. Our mission is to develop a safe and healthy county through community action, collaborative planning, and policy advocacy. EC3 focuses on Texas’ three prevention priorities of alcohol (underage and binge drinking), marijuana, and prescription drug abuse. If you feel this is something you can get behind, we welcome both your ideas and enthusiasm. 

EC3 meets the second Monday of every month at noon at Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Stephenville.


For more information, contact our Coalition Coordinator, Lauren Rishel DOP, by calling STAR Council's main office at (254) 965-5515 ext. 235, or send an email to



CCP Executive Officers:

Presenident- Vacant 

Vice President- Dana Worrell

Secretary- Vacant 

Treasurer- Harriet Frazier

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